Abita Brewery


Founded in 1986, the Abita Brewing Company is nestled in the piney woods 30 miles north of New Orleans.

In its first year, the brewery produced 1,500 barrels of beer. We had no idea what we started. Customers loved our beer! By 1994, we outgrew the original site (now our 100-seat brew pub) and moved up the road to a larger facility to keep up with demand.

Abita uses only the finest ingredients – British and North American malted barley, German and American yeast strains, Pacific Northwest hops and the pure artesian water of Abita Springs.

In Abita Springs, we are blessed with the purest of water. Drawn from our deep wells, our pristine water is not altered in any way.

Abita Beer has no preservatives, additives or stabilizers and is cold filtered. The result is beer that is the finest and freshest tasting as proven by our loyal customers and great chefs of the south who use Abita Beer in their recipes.


Fermentation: Top-fermenting 

Type of beer: Weissbier

Color: Gelb

Alcohol: 4.40%

IBU: 18

Rate Beer: 20/100

Hopping: **

Sweetness: **


Fermentation: Top-fermenting 

Type of beer: Fruit Beer

Color: Red

Alcohol: 4.75%


Rate Beer: 14/100

Hopping: ***

Sweetness: **


Fermentation: Top-fermenting 

Type of beer: Brown Ale

Color: Dunkel

Alcohol: 6.60%

IBU: 28

Rate Beer: 54/100

Hopping: ***

Sweetness: ***


Fermentation: Top-fermenting 

Type of beer: India Pale Ale

Color: Gelb/Bronze

Alcohol: 6.90%

IBU: 80

Rate Beer: 88/100

Hopping: ****

Sweetness: **